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To do list

Holiday weekend coming up!

I’m taking Monday & Tuesday off to relax and rewind and catch up with fannish fun. I can’t wait for Friday!

Here’s my to-do list to keep myself organized and on track so I won’t be looking around me in numb confusion on Wednesday and wondering what happened to all my good intentions:

1. Write the next 3 chapters of Kaleidoscope. This is a lot easier than it sounds because I started out completing one chapter then realizing that there was a plot arc that was long over-due to be resolved; and then individual scenes in each chapter evolved and required separate treatment. So yes, my beta should be expecting something new in her inbox next week Wednesday. :P
2. Review the next 2 chapters of “The Horse and His Boy” (my long-neglected Weekly Narnia Chapter-by-Chapter is about to be updated!)
3. Write foodsthatcan’s birthday fic. ::shamefaced::
4. Write fialleril’s birthday fic. ::shamedfaced::

Then, if I can, I will also:

1. Review Children of Men.
2. Write the next chapter of “Mortal Instruments.” 23rd October.
3. Edit the first part of “But What Lies Beneath?” (I’m sure a lot of my flisters have forgotten what this even means!)
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