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Recs & Dead Men Defrosting

There’s been a trend of very interesting meta dealing with how women are portrayed – or rather, not portrayed – in popular entertainment:

fialleril’s Fanfic pet peeves #4: Rape fics

fialleril’s [Ahsoka’s] Wardrobe Malfunction

fialleril’s [ Why film schools teach screenwriters not to pass the Bechdel test

lazypadawan’s In today's WTF File: Clone Wars should be an intergalactic "Lolita"

deaka’s Attack of the antiseptic queen

After clicking on Google a couple of times, I discovered what I suspected had to be out there: the other side of the coin. For every Woman in the Refrigerator, there will be a Dead Man Defrosting:

Here are some of the highlights:

In cases where males heroes have been altered or appear to die (i.e., hit that part of the karmic Hero Wheel that says "Fall, then Rise to the Challenge!"), they usually come back even better than before, either power-wise or in terms of character development/relevancy to the reader.

A few characters of note:

Superman - Dies, comes back, inspires new heroes, changes powers, splits into two, gets normal powers back, and somewhere in all that gets married.

Batman - Back is broken after a grueling physical and psychological battle with his arch enemies. Takes some time off, heals, and comes back to continue his crusade for Gotham.

The men of the X-Men - The list, obviously, is long and distinguished, even after you take away the "feared and hated" aspect of their tortured mutant existence. With the exception on 'no adamantium' Wolvie (which we hear is going away anyway in favor of Full Metal Logan), they all get put through the ringer and get better. Cannonball/Sam Guthrie actually dies and comes back after Marvel reveals Sam is an External, an immortal mutant. Oh my. And let's face it, Scott and Charles started off, in our minds, with impediments, but have overcome them and/or lived with their burdens. But Beast has undergone changes in form, power levels and intelligence, all for the better, as has Angel, who loses his real wings, gets metal demon wings from Apocalypse, and eventually gets his real ones back. Nightcrawler, Colossus, the kids in the New Mutants (even CYPHER!) and Generation X... Their lot is a tough one, but goshdarnit, those mutant deformities and physical differences, shored up by Xavier's Dream, sure do build character. Just hope your mutant ability isn't to become an X-Woman. You'll be in for a Big Hurt...</blockquote>

It’s an interesting, educative article that everyone ought to read to understand even more just why recent discussions on this topics are so passionate, insightful and, sadly, long over due.
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