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Oh. My. God.

When did One Tree Hill get so good?

First the total awesomecakes of Brooke Davies (who is a goddess!!!) putting up with her witch of a mother for five years and finally telling her to hit the road because she abused her friends, specifically Rachel (remember Rachel? Brooke’s numero uno enemy when she joined the show) one too many times? AWESOME! Seriously, I was screaming my head off during that scene. I’ve played it over like a dozen times. In a fair world, Sophia Bush would have got an Emmy for that performance.

Then this one – Lucas’s wedding to Lindsay. (Which did not hold because of Luyton/Peycas. I know… I know… That storyline will always suck.) But that’s not the point! Dan saved Jamie! Talk about fighting fire with fire. Who else was better equipped to deal with the crazy nanny from Hell but Dan ‘I Killed My Brother In Cold Blood And I Will Have No Problems Killing You If You Screw With My Family (Because That’s My Job)’ Scott!

So the show ends with Jamie returning with Dan as the hero of the hour and he may not have won his spot on the family table back, but he’s definitely earned a foot through the door. It couldn’t have worked better if he planned it. I have to wonder – did that manipulative bastard plan it?


I rarely talk about this show because I’m not really interested in it in a fannish way. I’ve always been a sort of casual viewer of One Tree Hill. It caught my interest mid-Season 1 because of the theme song of all things, and I’ve managed to watch almost all the episodes ever since without really going out of my way to do so. But Season 5 is really knocking the balls out of the park. The risqué decision to fast-forward 5 years really paid off. Not only did they jump over the College Years of Death (see Buffy, Smallville) and put the characters in interesting, sometimes unexpected places in their lives with interesting decisions to make now, the missing 5 years is a bank of missing back-story that is revealed to us in bits and pieces to make the present events literally 4-dimensional.

And to think that when it came out, this show was tagged as the poor man’s O. C!

Goes off to find One Tree Hill icons. :p
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