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What Leia Did Next

I’ve been quite busy of late – with fannish things for a change! I’ve uploaded 3 chapters of Kaleidoscope in as many weeks, and I’m working on Chapter 40 right this moment. I just took a break to surf the Web.

I watched Disturbia last Sunday. I found the opening scene where Kale’s father dies brutally harrowing. It was probably the best part of the movie for me.

It seems that no Shia LaBeouf ‘coming of age’ movie is complete without the essential Voyeurism sub-plot. And if the scenes of the teenage protagonist spying on his neighbor (played by Sarah Roemer) in various stages of undress in her home weren’t creepy enough, there’s the moment when she finds out that he’s been stalking her for weeks – enough to know intimate details about her life – and she is so moved by this that she promptly falls into bed with him. Coincidentally, all this happens against the back-drop of a serial killer who sexually lures his female victims into his home to brutally murder them.

On the flip side, it had Trinity as a Mom and I liked the sandwiching of Kale saving his mother at the end – and they saving each other eventually – against the way he wasn’t able to save his father at the beginning of the movie. Plus Ronnie who had me from ‘Perhaps’ (and lost me with his own stint in voyeurism) didn’t die which was our greatest fear from the moment we realized the funny Asian guy was Kale’s best friend.

I’ll give it a 5 out of 10. Cut out the stalking-gets-rewarded sub-plot and it might have been a 9.

I made myself stay in this weekend and write but this is how I plan on rewarding myself next weekend:

1. Quantum of Solace (Very excited about this one in particular because I hear the concept of a Bond girl has been redefined.)

2. Lakeview Terrace – I’m always a bit leery about racial-themed movies because they tend to either fail at or go overboard with political correctness. But it has Samuel L Jackson and a thriller plot. I’m sold.

3. Twilight - because: 1, the trailers look very, very pretty; 2, Edward P’s and the Twilol’s attitudes are becoming less amusing and more spiteful; 3, Stephenie Meyer is not Jane Austen or JK Rowling (thank the stars for that!) but there’ve been worse books published by worse people and she, at least, never went around claiming either of her characters were role models for anybody; and 4, the trailer look very, very pretty. Er… I said that already didn’t I? What do you mean that I’m utterly and completely shallow?

One movie that I’m looking forward to watching next year: Race to Witch Mountain. Who remembers these books from their childhood? We had the Disney movies on tape until they disintegrated. It has THE ROCK and I hear that the original actors who played the siblings will get cameo roles in this one. I can’t wait!

*goes back through the Looking Glass*
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