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It was like riding a bike

Once upon a time, two friends and I started writing a star wars fanfic called thwarted fate. Then one left to greener pastures and the two of us left took a break from thwarted fate for several reasons - real life, broken mirrors, other playgrounds...

But deep down inside, I knew that we hadn't written the last of thwarted fate. There is a time for all seasons and one day, with no forethought, no plan, the time for thwarted fate to be completed was upon me.

I just posted up a teaser for the next chapter on the TFN thread - and the next chapter is just hot off the keyboard, waiting for a beta to process it.

I feel so strange about this. Like if there's something bigger going on that just picking up an old wip. Like if returning to thwarted fate with the firm mind of completing it this time around is symbolic of certain other things in my life.

One thing that surprised me is just how easy it was to go back to that world. It's a complicated plot with carefully placed threads woven into the fabric of the story by three separate minds. But somehow, once I started writing, everything we ever planned or outlined about this story was just stark in my head. If that's not a good sign, I don't know what is. :D
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