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2009 Finish-A-Thon, here I come!

I signed up for the Finish-A-Thon 2009. I’ve always wanted to get involved in this and I was finally able to catch it this year. The Rules are pretty harsh, e.g.:

7.2 I didn't finish. Can I have an extension?

No. If you have a Real Life reason for not being able to finish (like "my computer died" or "my mother broke her hip") then you can have an exemption. After all, it's your story, you will finish it later.

A) post a 1000-word extract from what you've managed to write so far, indicating that it isn't finished. You will then get a week's grace period in which to finish or revise the story. Note that those who do not post anything by the deadline will NOT get a grace period.


B) Write me a nice note saying, "sorry, I couldn't finish". The flimiser the excuse, the more grovelling required. You get a gold star for participating.


C) Drop out without a word or excuse. This will get you banned from participating next time.

This will be absolutely perfect!

The completed fiction is due on the 26th of May 2009 so that’s about two months to finish whatever W-I-P story gets voted for by everyone – other participants, my F-list and the general Net-public.

These are the six WIPs that I have nominated to complete:

1. Conversations With Dead People
2. Mortal Instruments
3. The Kenobi Identity
4. The Legend of Starkiller
5. The Seduction of Luke Skywalker
6. Thwarted Fate

Out of these, three haven’t even been started yet. Kaleidoscope is not on the list for a good reason – I’m not worried about never finishing Kaleidoscope. It’s just a matter of when. These other stories, on the other hand, need more motivation.

Also, no matter what story is selected, I am still committed to Thwarted Fate. The difference is, of course, just how many chapters of Thwarted Fate I will be able to write before the end of May.

Wish me luck!
Tags: fanfic: plot bunny, fanfic: sw: mortal instruments, fanfic: thwarted fate, finish-a-thon
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