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Thwarted Fate: the journey so far

Taking the cue from fialleril and her summary of Anabasis, it would be a good idea to let friends new to my LJ know what the Heck I'm talking about when I bring up Thwarted Fate (and I intend to bring it up frequently this year). Also, a summary would probably also help old readers returning to a story that hasn't been advanced in three years!

Thwarted Fate: the story so far

The GFFA as we know it changes just before the end of the events of Attack of the Clones when Padmé Amidala decides that she won’t be living a lie after all and breaks things off with Anakin Skywalker. Twice. Channeling all that angst and thwarted :p love into their jobs, they go on to play separate but equally pivotal roles in the early months of the Clone Wars: Anakin quickly carves himself a reputation as the Hero With No Fear, the Go-To Jedi for Impossible Missions; and Padmé Amidala becomes the Angel of Peace, the Go-To Senator for Impossible Treaties. But career successes do not make for easy bedfellows and the angst factor only rises with each ‘victory’.

Meanwhile, there is no rest for the wicked. Sith Lord Tyrannus (a.k.a. Count Dooku) quickly comes to realize that Palpatine has had his eye on Skywalker for sometime and he sets into motion plans to keep his job or at least his retirement package: in order words, he places a hit on the Hero With No Fear. Amidala’s Peacekeeping campaign has won her enemies amongst both the Loyalists (including Chancellor Palpatine) and the Separatists (including Darth Sidious).

Also starring in this story are our list of usual suspects: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Barriss Offee, Ferus Olin, Dormé, Bail Organa, a bunch of shaven-skinned Wookiee terrorists and the good (and bad) citizens of the world of Mon Calamari/Dac.

The last we saw our lovelorn heroes, they reconciled briefly (but quite passionately) just before saving Naboo from total annihilation. The rest of the story continues from there…

I think I spent more time writing that summary than I've done on some of the actual story scenes. It still ended up a great deal longer than I would have liked - and that's with no mention of Ferus and Barriss, the whole Mon Calamari conspiracy, etc, etc, etc. *face palm* But I've procrastinated on posting this story way too long already.

ETA: And it's up!
Tags: fanfic: thwarted fate
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