moonspinner (moonspinner) wrote,

The Real Stars of the O.C.

a.k.a Why I Love the O.C.

I got the Season 1 DVD over the weekend and I spent Saturday/Sunday skipping happily down memory lane. the very first time I saw the O.C., I had no idea it was a new show. Mischa Borton's face was vaguely familiar to me, and the credits were old-schoolish, so I thought they were reruns of a show from the late 90s. And I thought the show was great. I still do. But it's not the *main* stars - Ryan and Marrissa - or their *great* love (although I do think their love is great) that hook me. It's the sidekicks that I find adorable. In other words, Seth and Summer.

Tags: review: tv show

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