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My thoughts on the Madonna/Mercy issue…

… are still far from coherent. I know I promised a few people that I would write something, preferably articulate and polite, but the moment I start thinking about this topic, I find myself very, very far that articulate and polite frame of mind. And I think this has got to be said right now. Immediately. Irrevocably. For my own sake, if not for any one else’s.

So apparently, my tears of joy were taken as tears of rage.

Well, clarification: I am very, very, very happy that Madonna got Mercy.

I couldn’t have dreamed up a better end to the story if it was a book that I was writing. Whatever crimes Madonna has apparently committed, by being rich and famous and assertive, I’m ready to give her a free pass in Life for giving a damn about a four-year-old orphan* in Malawi. Everybody and their mother has an opinion about what Madonna can be allowed to do or not, about the sacredness of foreign adoption laws, and about how Madonna’s bulldozed the Justice system of Malawi to get what she wants. But no one seems to be in the least bit interested about Mercy and if those foreign adoption laws are really in her best interest. Because the last time I checked, Madonna wasn’t going up against some Perfect Middle-Class Malawian Couple® who would have given Mercy a Better Home™. (And don’t even get me started on Mercy’s father*.) Madonna wasn’t going up against Some Less Than Perfect Single Parent® who would have given Mercy a Sensible Home™ with Cultural Appreciation™. She was going up against Nobody. Na da. Nothing. Nobody gave.a.damn. about a four-year-old little girl in Malawi until Madonna put the country on the map.

And you know what? If you’ve started out life with a parent willing to support you, if you take your hundred-year democratic government for granted, if education is something that you regard as a chore and not an impossible dream, if immunization is something that you get for free, and if you’ve never worried for one day where your next meal is going to come from, then you’d better BLOODY SHUT UP about how money does not equal a good life. Because you have NO IDEA what that statement even means and your arrogant ignorance is an insult to the MILLIONS OF CHILDREN that die EVERY DAY in Africa from POVERTY.

*And I say orphan even though Mercy’s ‘father’ apparently found out four years after the fact that his dead girlfriend left behind a child. Because even though he might have been in prison, or at sea, or under the impression that it takes close to five years for a woman to give birth to a child, he certainly didn’t keep in touch with his pregnant, teenage girlfriend long enough to know that she was: a, dead; or b, dead; or c, dead. And his sudden re-appearance into Mercy’s life has with the fact that a billionaire is ready to move Heaven or Earth to adopt her. And throw away some substantial cash in the process as well. Oh no.
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