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Happy birthday to me!

Thanks to everyone who sent in birthday wishes and made pressies. I had a lovely day, thank you! I had to go to work because it was a Friday and the world has yet to realize the importance of the 26th of June to all of humanity ;), but I got a lot of special treats from family & friends and it more than made up for that. :D

As I did last year, I'm offering birthday souvenirs to any one who asks. You know the fandoms in which I operate. So, fics or icons, feel free to ask. :D

I finally got round to watching the new Star Trek and Wolverine, and I think my pre-expectations may have effected my appreciation of both. I'll have to do a re-watch before I complete the reviews I've been drafting on Notepad.

I've been off-line more often than not of late because work just gets eats into more and more of my life :p, but I still managed to get a Ferret brain account and have some lovely discussions about the new Terminator movie. Which... sucked, btw. But not as much as it could have, as hard as that is to be believed. :) The good thing to come out of all this is that I've rediscovered my old love for the 1st movie, and I've been watching/re-watching it all week. And reading fanfic. And making icons. You know me - I never do things half way. :)

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