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To Do List - moonspinner
To Do List
For organizational purposes:

To Bite The Fingers. Alias meets SW in this Mara Jade-centric fic (where she kills her mother without realizing it) for anglerfish
Vaderkin fic for albumsontheside
A/P gen fic for fialleril
Jumper sequel fic, starring Mary Alice and Sophie for bobill

Non-birthday fics

Obi-Wan/Iroh x-over fic for fialleril

Refuge. Sola/Sabé/Padmé/Celly Organa inter-episode adventure fic for foodsthatcan

Longer work-in-progress (in order of priority)
Kaleidoscope - next 2 chapters
Thwarted Fate - next chapter
Mortal Instruments - next 2 chapters

Current Mood: energetic organized