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Lost review: Follow the leader

So Moses Locke is leading the Israelites Islanders to see Yahweh Jacob. In Exodus, that little trip ended with the Israelites deciding that they were OK with the former arrangement of Moses as a go-betweener but apparently, Lost is going about things a bit differently since unlike his Biblical inspiration, Locke wants to kill the Island deity.

Hubby was a bit miffed about this because he had this theory that Locke was Jacob: that he had transcended after his death and that was why he had conveniently disappeared from Ben’s perspective when Alex-who-was-not-Alex threatened Ben; and that was what Ben meant when he said, “something was coming out of the jungle which I can’t control” and that thing was Locke. Hubby is also extremely miffed about Kate’s motives: the last episode, she defied Sawyer et al and led Daniel Farraday to the Others (and to his death); then now, she’s turning her back on Jack and Eloise Hawkins because she doesn’t want them to carry out Daniel’s plan?
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