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Prince Caspian 2008 review... of sorts

I had a bad feeling when Caspian blew the horn at first sight of the Old Narnians (actually, I had a bad feeling the first time I found out that young King Caspian was a twenty-odd-year old man but I digress) and it only got worse. It was as if Walden Media and Disney sat down together and said, "how can we make a movie that is the complete opposite of everything that was in this overly-religious source material?" Because boy, did they succeed in doing that!

Where to begin...?

King Peter the Magnificent Ass
Queen Susan the Gentle Beard Love Interest
King Edmund the Wise Gary Stu

Lucy is about the only character they didn't mess up but I daresay it wasn't for lack of trying. Then forget the characters, there were things in the plot that didn't even make sense: Miraz as Lord Protector; the asinine raid on the Castle; Aslan's entire lack of significance... ad nauseum.

Boy, I'm so unimpressed I can't even write a proper rant. :o :O

Summary: Disney, please can I have two and a half hours of my life back?
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