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Legend Ladies OOC? My thoughts.

I really liked this episode! And I know it's not very nice but I'm also really enjoying how much the fandom doesn't like the new Seeker guy. Considering how often fandom vitriol is directed at the new female regular/guest star and how many fans expected to hate Cara in Season 2, it's amusing how much fans now love Cara and are now hating on Leo.

However, I've come across a few complaints of the OOC-ness of the ladies in this episode. Specifically, the complaints have been:
1, Kahlan crying over missing Richard in front of Cara (was OOC)
2, Cara giggling over Leo's jokes about the chipmunk (was OOC).

Well, I beg to differ. Firstly, I don't buy the theory that a kick-ass woman (or man, for that matter) can't ever have an emotional moment. There's no difference between that and the other harmful stereotype of women who are always emotional/wearing their hearts on their sleeve. And if the accusation is that Kahlan won't have broken down in front of Cara, I think it's an obvious and natural progression of their relationship. They have become BFFs even if they haven't come right out and declared as much.

As for Cara giggling and generally opening up to Leo "too fast", I don't read that either. Remember, the Kahlan/Cara/Zedd/Leo group are running on a faster timeline than Richard so that scene actually happened weeks, maybe even a month after their first meeting. Also, this isn't the Cara of 1x22 or 2x01 who was little more than a lethal killing machine. This is the Cara who has been trying to imitate not!Mord Sith behavior from the very moment she joined up with the Gang: recall the "I am so sorry for your loss" moment with Finch? For several months now, she has not only been hanging around Richard, Kahlan and Zedd, she has been deliberately trying to learn how these people interact with each other. She's thawed. Plus, there is this impression that Cara is a lot more rigid than the show actually portrays her as: remember this is the Mord-Sith that went from trying to kill the Seeker to helping him bring down her Lord Rahl in days.

My 2 cents.

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