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Legend Ladies OOC? My thoughts. - moonspinner — LiveJournal
Legend Ladies OOC? My thoughts.
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moonspinner From: moonspinner Date: January 24th, 2010 08:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh yes, I notice this a lot. Women tend to be grouped into 2 mutually exclusive groups: kick-ass and stoic or emotional and weak. I don't see this as empowering for women at all and I think it's great that neither Kahlan nor Cara are being made to fit into the stereotypes.

But I thought the Mord'Sith being so cold and emotionless wasn't considered a good thing

And I think that a lot of people are forgetting that Mord Sith are essentially child soldiers with all the torture and abuse and general psychological baggage that comes with that. Being cold and emotionless is not something that gives them power: it's something that they were made to become to survive. Cara's emotions blossoming is a sign that she is healing from Mord Sith brain-washing and that is a good thing, not a sign of weakness or OOC.

As for the Leo hate, I haven't seen a whole lot (either here at LJ, or at other discussion boards). Mostly, people seem unsure about him.

I'm just really tickled that for once, it's the new boy in the cast that's getting fandom's cold shoulder. :D
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