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Save our seeker?

On the one hand, I am devastated that we probably won’t get one more season of one of the most fantabulous group of characters out there (specifically: Kahlan’s hair, Richard’s abs, Cara’s smirk and Zedd’s eyeballs: P). But seriously now, whatever LOTS lacks in its inconsistent mythology and sometimes campy dialogue, it more than makes up in some of the most easy to love heroes on TV: good-bye anti-heroes/heroes with dark pasts/reluctant heroes/ends-justify-the-means heroes… hello Richard Cypher. Can I say how much I love you for reminding us that Nice can still equal Cool? As for the Bad-Ass Mother Confessor or Cara, Sister of the Agiel, I can’t even think of not seeing them every week without choking up. If this Show dies, there will be two less Strong Characters, Female (playing out their story in a backdrop of lots of other strong characters, female) in TV-land.

On the other hand… I am relieved that the show might be cancelled. Because I have these two theories: that when it comes to story-telling, quantity and quality are inversely proportional; and awesome cult favorites like this stop being awesome when they become too mainstream. (I’m looking at you, Last Airbender). Rather than buy a couple of DVDs and watch them over and over again to remind myself of when the show was good, I’d rather my TV buddies quit while they are ahead.
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