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POLL: An alternate dimensional Olivia by any other name

I'm in an organizational mode. List of the half-finished meta/rant/squee posts on my desktop:

1. Next part of the Horse and His Boy chapter-by-chapter meta series: walking with Aslan through the valley (technically the cliff side) of the shadow of death. No wonder I'm stuck.
2. Reaction to the "Legend of Korra" announcement and (what I hope will be) a coherent review of Season 3 of the "Legend of Aang" and where I think the show jumped the shark;
3. Review of Shrek Ever After: awesomesauce and a half;
4. The Problem with Fandom, A rant: featuring slash, mixed race romances, with special apperances from Star Trek 2009, the Vampire Diaries and the Prince of Persia;
5. Follow-up meta to 'Is Padmé a Mary Sue?', which will include some heretical views of the Original Trilogy's Big Three from the perspective of someone who was brought up on a diet of Nancy Drew and Enid Blyton (and other stories in which strong women are the focus and not just a strong periphery.)

So according to io9, Fringe Season 3 is going to go all kaleidoscope on us and jump from 'verse to 'verse from episode to episode. How much do I love you, Show? I watched the first few episodes of S1 with a lot of wariness because my relationship with JJ Abrahms's creative works tends to be... temperamental, to put it mildly. But the character of Olivia Dunham proved to hard to resist and this was before the multi-dimensional reveal which as evidenced from my not-yet-abandoned Mirror verse is my own personal kink.

Poll #1597397 For Fringe viewers.

What do you call Olivia #2?

Olivia #2

None of the above. I call her...

ETA: Who else is following the Formula 1 Ferrari scandal from Sunday's race?

My take?
FERRARI: Massa, roll over and die.
MASSA: Should I make it look like an accident or suicide?
ALONSO: Who cares?
MASSA: *dies*
FERRARI: Good lad.
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