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More Xena squeeing

This is the original TV Promo for Xena S2 Ep. 14, ‘A NECESSARY EVIL’:

“In order to stop the evil, and now immortal, Velasca from hunting down Gabrielle, Xena must unleash an even more depraved immortal to vanquish her---Callisto.”

Once again I ask myself: where was I when Xena first aired? *flails*
Because it wasn’t until hours later that I realized that for the entirety of the forty-something minute long episode, I had not once spotted a guy with a speaking role. Instead, we have two female heroes, a community of female warriors, one female Big Bad, another female Big Bad/Dragon/Vice-Bad/Enemy-of-my-Enemy who teams up the female heroes at first, then betrays them, then joins forces with them, then is tricked into eternal combat with the other Big Bad. And all this happens while women are being turned to gods, erstwhile evil characters become almost sympathetic (until they ask how long it takes for your loved one to die, that is) and the second female hero locks horns with the Enemy-of-my-enemy over the Fridging of Her Husband.

Just think about that for a moment: a ratings-high episode on genre television without a single man on screen.


And this is the same episode where Gabrielle ‘I think you’re mistaking me for a pet’ gets to make Ephiny ‘Still think it’s fun?’ Amazon Queen.

*dies* again.
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