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Fringe, Undercovers and Sherlock thoughts

Random observations. Slightly spoilerish for Sherlock.

  • If Agent Olivia Dunham were Agent Oliver Dunham, the fandom would be all over FRINGE like flies.

  • The underlying conspiracy in Undercovers is gradually rearing its head and I’d be bouncing in my seat for joy if not for the depressing news that the show’s ratings are decreasing the likelihood of a full season. I’d be less sour about the whole thing if the show started with strong ratings and then fell, but the ratings were never good to start with. In fact, if what I’ve seen in the blogosphere is any indication, a lot of weblogs that have faithfully covered the most obscure JJ Abrahms productions since ALIAS, have been snubbing the show. I wonder why. *bitter*

  • The SHERLOCK episode ‘The Blind Banker’, which is loosely based on the short story, “The Adventure of the Dancing Man”, ends with the revelation that the sinister gang of Scary Asian Men (one of whom is the brother of the Sexy Asian Woman) is actually being run by the very White Moriarty. What of it, one thinks? It is after all an unfortunate reminder of the times and attitudes in which the short story was written, right? Only the “Adventure of the Dancing Men” didn’t have any Scary Chinese Men or Sexy Chinese Woman or Mighty Whitey. It did have a Scary American Man (as most English-authored books were wont to have) and for some strange reason, no one seems to want to be reminded of that time and attitude anymore...
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