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CoN Fan Fiction Rec

The movie being out got me into the mood of haunting my old Narnia Fans boards and questing for Aravis/Cor(Shasta) fic. I was rewarded. This is an incredible story. The writer imitates Lewis's cozy, cheerful style of story-telling splendidly and I love the way she handles the relationships between the characters. Prince Cor is such a delight in this story and you just want to give the boy a hug. Aravis is fantastic, exactly as I imagine her to be. Corin is just Corin. But it's really Queen Susan, even though she plays a peripheral role, that is amazingly characterised in this story.

Here it is: Someone Else's Story. The title is taken from this paragraph from the book:

I wish I knew that knight's name, for he must have kept me alive and starved himself to do it."
"I suppose Aslan would say that was part of someone else's story," said Aravis.
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