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Kaleidoscope Snippet

So... there is Kaleidoscope news. Because, believe it or not, that story has not been abandoned. I am earnestly working on its conclusion as I type this :D ! Which is great news for me and bad news for everyone else's peace of mind. Expect posts about horrible plot entanglements, insomnia and existential crisis.

But in the meanwhile, this is a snippet of a scene that should have been posted yesterday. It's completely mood appropriate. It's 'uncut' so the final version might take things a little differently and I won't be posting this draft 'officially'. However if you want to read the draft edition, just post here and I will oblige you via PM...

Gently, he clutched her to him, one hand sliding down the skin of her back to stop at her waist, while the other reached into her hair …
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