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Book Review: The Forbidden Game by L. J. Smith

I am not posting about NIKITA for a change. (LOL!) Guys, I am currently reading the Forbidden Game by LJ Smith and it is AWESOME!

(Off topic: is it just me or does she look uncannily like Nicci from Legend of the Seeker?)

I don’t know how I almost completely missed all L. J. Smith's books growing up. I read lots of R. L. Stine and Richie Tankersley Cusick but for some reason, L. J. Smith who writes in a similar vein never crossed my part. Unless you count ‘Daughters of Darkness’ which is a kick-ass story about a trio of kickass vampire sisters who run away from their chauvinistic, patriarchal Island of Vampires to live amongst humans; only to be chased by their brother who is like the atypical big bad Vampire Bad Boy; only for him to fall in soulmate with a human girl. Only being soulmates with a human doesn’t automatically redeem him and neither of them like each other much and they have to gradually fall in love in a more natural way throughout the course of the story and it ends with her deciding that she does not want to become a vampire and a creature who kills or is killed (I can hear the anti-Twilight fans cheering!) and him leaving her to redeem himself/become a better person than he is now. And that story really stayed with me way back then but I never got the opportunity to follow up on the series or the writer and it just faded out of my sphere of attention. I didn’t even remember the writer’s name.

Now with TVD being the second-best thing on TV (after Nikita, naturally; and in episodes when the writers remember to treat Bonnie decently), I went hunting for the original LJ Smith Vampire Diaries because word-of-mouth told me that they were “really great!” And lo and behold, what do I find in Wikipedia but that the same LJ Smith wrote Daughters of Darkness which is basically the only ‘Soulmate Story that isn’t a Eros ex Machina’ story I’ve ever read. So of course, I had to read her other books and luck of the draw picked Forbidden Game as my starting point.

And Forbidden Game is FANTASTIC! I am half-way through book one, specifically just after the three girls escape Audrey’s nightmare and without putting it in so many words, it’s obvious that Audrey and Dee are now BFFs for life and I am screaming with happiness at reading a book that is based on a supernatural romantic triangle and managed to include a female BFF friendship (yes, I know that’s redundant) triangle with a happy ending! And Jenny tells her friends that “You know, this Devil Satan Sauron Julian character is only putting you guys through this nightmare acid trip because he wants to get to know me (in the Biblical sense of the verb). Maybe I should just let him….” And Audrey and Dee go: “Are you nuts, girl? We are so going to take that bastard down or at least die trying before we let him get to you.” and I’m going, “OMG! Where were you when I ran out of Nancy Drew books to read?”

Whew. I just did my good deed for today and recommended a great book series to the masses. Gotta go and finish the Forbidden Game. If you don’t hear from me again, I guess I lost.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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