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I have so many problems with this show I don't even know where to begin. But when Hector walked through the pike in his belly to stab Lot in the neck, I jumped to my feet and cheered! Crowning Moment of AWESOME!

Of course, not long after that I wanted to bitch-slap Arthur for telling his older, legitimate sister that she didn't need to fight for the throne because he was graciously placing her castle under his protection. Jeez, brat of a baby brother, I won't need to be placed under protection if your Magic Man wasn't pulling strings to usurp my birthright!

So not!Lancelot who saved Arthur's life and is a generally awesome person and is one other person that would make a far better King - is part of the love triangle with Arthur and Guenever. Which means somewhere down the line, I'll have one more reason to hate Arthur. You are doing it wrong, Show.
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