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More thoughts on Tristan & Iseult - moonspinner
More thoughts on Tristan & Iseult

I watched the trailer more serenely today. ;)

It looks like the story decided to go the way of King Arthur and 'demystify' the romance - instead of duel with a dragon, Tristan won Iseult's hand by winning a tournament. Hence no ambitious steward to lay claim on Iseult, and no missing tip of a dragon's tongue. And... dare I say it... no former cousin of Iseult whom Tristan killed? Now that would be a pity. One of the most vivid memories I have of the story was when Iseult, nursing an unconscious Tristan, matched his broken sword with the bit of blade she had removed from her dying cousin's body and contemplated whether to heal or kill him. Then on the way back to Cornwall, she presented him with the blade and without words, the reason why she could not kill him.


I hope there will at least be the Tristan as Harpist/Storyteller in the courst of King Arthur. Maybe there could even be a cameo from Keira Knightley? :)


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