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TVD 2x18 reaction post

I don’t have enough love for the fact that when Damon goes all, “I’ll let your dearest, bestest friend die to keep you alive” to Elena, she goes all, “M… kay” and goes to raise from the dead the biggest baddest vampire and the one person she’s sure doesn’t have keeping her alive his No. 1 Priority. Because Damon’s declaration wasn’t as much romantic as creep-tastic and Elena, smart girl, was not going to allow her friends and family to drop dead around her just for Damon to prove how much he lurrrves her.

That aside, I genuinely thought Bonnie had died and I was mentally crossing TVD out of my weekly download and future DVD purchase lists. Show, you are on my watch-list since you are still playing with the idea that she'll eventually die. Because if she does... count me out of your viewership.
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