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TVD 2x18 reaction post - moonspinner
TVD 2x18 reaction post
I don’t have enough love for the fact that when Damon goes all, “I’ll let your dearest, bestest friend die to keep you alive” to Elena, she goes all, “M… kay” and goes to raise from the dead the biggest baddest vampire and the one person she’s sure doesn’t have keeping her alive his No. 1 Priority. Because Damon’s declaration wasn’t as much romantic as creep-tastic and Elena, smart girl, was not going to allow her friends and family to drop dead around her just for Damon to prove how much he lurrrves her.

That aside, I genuinely thought Bonnie had died and I was mentally crossing TVD out of my weekly download and future DVD purchase lists. Show, you are on my watch-list since you are still playing with the idea that she'll eventually die. Because if she does... count me out of your viewership.

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vanimy From: vanimy Date: April 16th, 2011 09:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
Is my icon okay around here? :P

We have such different views on TVD, lol.

I wasn't really fond of the episode actually, some things felt off (namely some plot points and the lack of pacing). Even though I'm not Bonnie's biggest fan I think her 'death' was sad. I'm glad she isn't really dead (and that would've totally been anticlimatic because she didn't do anything and I couldn't see how Elena would have been able to forgive Damon after that ).

As for Damon, his declaration isn't really surprising, it's consisttent with what we've witnessed so far. I disagree that what he said was creepy, it was just honest. I did think he was really cold about Bonnie's impending demise but he isn't forcing her to do anything. I think it's really logical he would choose Elena's life over Bonnie's if faced with the choice. Heck, Stefan would do the same. Heck, I probably would do the same if faced with the choice of losing a loved one vs letting someone I don't care about die (and them willing to do it...). For the record I don't believe the choice would be this easy for him if it was Elena vs Stefan though.

I don't think Damon was this uncaring. The way he handled Bonnie's body was telling IMO (there was no one around so it was real).

As for Elena bringing Elijah back, again consistent with the character. She wants to save Bonnie and now she knows Bonnie and Damon are willing to do anything to save her life she's trying to find another way by herself.
moonspinner From: moonspinner Date: April 17th, 2011 04:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
Your icon is very much OK. You might be surprised when I say this: but I am really not a selena shipper anymore than I'm a delena shipper. About the only thing I ship right now on TVD is... the Elena/Bonnie/Caroline BFF-ship. But in terms of romantic pairings, I am very open-minded. I like Bonnie with Jeremy right now but if somewhere down the line, the show decides to pair her up with a hot werewolf character, I'd be cool with that as long as it's written well. I've never watched TVD for the romantic pairings. Two things drew me to the show in the beginning: one was Bonnie; the other was the friend- shipping between the three girls.

As for Damon, his declaration isn't really surprising, it's consisttent with what we've witnessed so far. I disagree that what he said was creepy, it was just honest.

What bothered me about the declaration was the way the whole Damon scene was set up. It shifted the focus from Bonnie and her friendship with Elena and her decision to sacrifice herself for Elena (and the silent echo to what Elena was willing to do some episodes back) and makes it all about Damon. (Not unlike the way Rose’s death also became all about Damon in the end). Suddenly, Damon is claiming credit for Bonnie’s sacrifice; for Bonnie’s decision to sacrifice herself (a decision that she had made already, without wanting anyone to know about) and making it all out to be about how he is willing to do anything for Elena. What exactly is romantic about Damon declaring how he will sacrifice other people for Elena? That, to me, is creepy.
Now if Damon had showed up in Casa Salvatore and told Elena and Stephan: ‘Cool it! It was a set up. Bonnie’s not really dead. But you guys should realize the fact that she probably will, eventually.’, I would have been cool with that. Because it is in character for Damon to have that one-track selfishness when it comes to women he’s in love with. (Katherine. Then Elena). But when Damon is declaring to Elena about how he would always choose Elena over Bonnie, I want to jump into the TV and yell, “It was never your choice to make, Damon! It was Bonnie’s! And she made it! And you have no right to take the credit of Bonnie’s sacrifice as some sort of proof of your devotion to Elena!”

Edited at 2011-04-17 05:01 pm (UTC)
vanimy From: vanimy Date: April 17th, 2011 06:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
I think TVD is the only TV show that makes me ship almost everyone with everyone. :P Even though Delena is my primary ship, I like Stelena and I like Caroline/Tyler or Caroline/Matt (not so much lately ;)) and Anna/Jeremy and Bonnie/Jeremy, etc... The only character I downright hated and whose death I cheered on when she finally kicked the bucket is Vicky. Hence me not liking her with poor Jeremy who deserved much better but I digress....

I think I understand your POV better now. I didn't consider Damon's declaration as taking credit for Bonnie's sacrifice... But now I see how you could see it that way. It's true he didn't really do much in this episode but to me he was kind of pissed off at the end of the episode what with Stefan's self-righteousness and Elena's slap when he didn't do anything wrong at the end of the day (for once :P). (He definitely should have spilled the beans as soon as he came back to the house but the whole declaration after he got slapped and Elena cried a million tears was definitely the writers creating some sort of drama effect which was kinda lame because Bonnie wasn't really dead but I digress again..... ) I think Damon was kind of strange in that last scene, almost on the verge of losing it and I think he wanted to get across the point that he wasn't sorry for putting Elena first. I don't think it was meant to be romantic per se. It was nothing like the declaration he made at the end of 'Rose', it was really raw and abrupt. I don't think it took away from Bonnie's decision, I actually think that moment had nothing to do with Bonnie, it was almost a warning about what length he could go to for Elena.

For the record Rose's death was all about Damon because the character stayed for about 4 episodes and was a-not-so-subtle plot device for Damon's development. Ever since Elijah killed her life-long companion Rose was without a purpose and kept running off then back at every incident. We didn't learn much about her except in that last episode when she died. I never found her very interesting to be honest. Lexi was much more interesting after one episode.
moonspinner From: moonspinner Date: April 18th, 2011 01:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
Icon love! I must definitely steal!

LOL @ shipping everyone with everyone else. Heck, I've see Stefan/Caroline, Elijah/Jenna... Sometimes I even see sparks between Damon and Sheriff Forbes – although those are more friendship sparks that anything sexual. I disliked Vicky and I didn’t feel a whit bit of sorrow that she died. I didn’t particularly like her with Jeremy but then I didn’t like either her or Jeremy back then. Slightly off-topic, but I wish Matt’s mother will show up some day. She was played by the always incredible Melinda Clarke and a deleted scene hinted that she was a succubus (incubus?).
(Oh and by the way, that’s Matt having a mother and a family home and an inner life… and we still don’t know what Bonnie’s father looks like or what happened to her mother.)

I actually think that moment had nothing to do with Bonnie, it was almost a warning about what length he could go to for Elena.
And this is exactly is my problem with that scene. It’s not about Bonnie but it’s because of Bonnie, her power, her decision to sacrifice herself, her plan with Damon, etc that they are even having the conversation in the first place and it turns into a declaration of what Damon can do for Elena…? What exactly did Damon do? Not mind too much that Bonnie would sacrifice herself for Elena – a decision that she had already resolved to go through with, completely independent of Damon’s influence? There’s an appropriation there that is just wrong: Bonnie has done this incredibly brave thing; but let’s give Damon the credit for being able to make hard choices for Elena. ???? And up until Elena walks into Elijah’s cell, I almost thought that the writers were trying to make that declaration out to be romantic. But Elena’s decision puts it back into perspective for me.

For the record Rose's death was all about Damon because the character stayed for about 4 episodes and was a-not-so-subtle plot device for Damon's development.

Oh I know that Rose really had two functions: Exposition Fairy and Vehicle for Damon’s emotional growth. But there was still a less egocentric way for her death to have been handled. I mean, she died because she came back (against her usual philosophy of running when in danger) and got bitten by the wolf that Damon had provoked (just for the sake of provoking; a wolf who already had a bone to pick with him for killing Mason; which Damon did because he wanted to p*** off Katherine, a vampire that had already showed how dangerous and manipulative she was; and Damon would never have been in Mason’s bad books in the first place if – before he even realized that Mason was working with Katherine – Damon hadn’t decided to stick a silver knife in Mason… just to see what would happen). So if Rose’s death had had Damon reflecting on some of the abysmal choices he had made in the past and feeling guilty and sad because those choices had led to the only woman who had picked him over Stefan biting the bullet for him… I would have bought that. It would have been excellent character growth. It would have given dignity to Rose’s character, and Damon’s by proxy.

But instead it turns into Damon feeling sorry for himself for caring about Rose and now she’s dead and oh, how it hurts to be like a human and care for people, especially since he cares so much for Elena. And it was forced and creepy and it just made Damon out to be this selfish, immature person that hasn’t even grown over the course of the show. Only now the woman he’s fixated with is a better person than the one he was fixated with before. But seeing other people as pawns he can sacrifice for Elena is exactly how he behaved for Katherine in season 1.
vanimy From: vanimy Date: April 19th, 2011 10:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
Love this icon, please feel free to steal. ;)

I agree with Matt's mother showing up again. He was more interesting when she was there, I could relate to him much more. Better that than the plot going on lately.

LOL about Bonnie's parents. I read someone commenting on her fake death and how no one took her relatives' reaction in consideration. Parents? What parents? Since they no longer act like teenagers it's hard to remember they do have parents. And the show doesn't have many good role models. Heck is there any good role model on this show between Isobel, Jenna, John, Matt's mom, Sheriff Forbes and all?? Right now the best mom is probably Tyler's. :P

Not a Damon fan, I take?? :P

But Elena’s decision puts it back into perspective for me.

That's the vibe I got from the get go, it wasn't meant to be that romantic (I didn't predict she was going to un-dagger Elijah ;) but I felt something off in their conversation from the start, namely Elena's attitude ; at first I even entertained the idea she was Katherine...).

I mean, she died because she came back (against her usual philosophy of running when in danger)

Well, see, I thought Damon should have told her off. First she gave Elena over to Elijah/Klaus then she ran off (that was understandable she wasn't friends with them or anything) but then she comes back because she has nowhere left to go and at the first sign of trouble she runs off again. WTH? How can you rely on someone like that? She did come back but I'm pretty sure she would have run off again later on if she hadn't been bitten.

For the record - about Mason - I agree Damon was pretty stupid and reckless to attack Mason in the first place. But he wasn't really far off since Mason was actually working with Katherine. But killing him wasn't just about pissing Katherine off. It was also to protect himself and his brother because Mason was intent on outing them and killing them.

I think that's why Damon has been pissed off lately. Sure he isn't the only one who had to make terrible choices... I'm thinking of Elena having to stab herself and kill Elijah for one... But he's intent on trying to save Elena, one of his only friends dies because of him and it seems he has to clear bodies left and right(see Bonnie : had she really died I'm sure Stefan would have been the shoulder to cry on and Damon would've been cleaning the mess as usual...). Because that's the thing, that comment was meant for Stefan. And apart from bringing John (and Isobel)back into the picture (not sure it was a good idea....) he didn't do much. So that comment was directed at him because not only doesn't he do much but he berates his brother for trying to find solutions (even if it's just about telling Bonnie to go for it... Stefan didn't do that, he just said it couldn't end up like that without coming up with another plan...). I think it's very telling Elena went off on her own to revive Elijah, she didn't talk about it with Stefan either...

One thing that struck me during the Rose debacle is how Elena and Alaric were the only ones giving a damn. Damon had to deal with that on his own and I would've liked Stefan to be there for his brother for once. If you add that to the fact he's basically risking his life for a brother who almost never supports him and a woman who doesn't love him back and whom he knows he'll never have and I can see why he's been a little bit fed up with everyone treating him like crap even when he's trying to do the right thing (and what he did in last week's episode was the right thing).

Compared to the Damon in early S1 I think Damon grew a lot but there's still a long road to travel and I wouldn't have it any other way. It would be too easy for Damon to suddenly realize he's been a psycho fool and start to care about anyone around him and all this over one event. I think the growth has to be gradual and frankly I could see him having that kind of wake-up call about Stefan or even Alaric not over a woman he knew for two weeks at most and no one gave a damn abot (I think Damon was the one who cared about Rose the most even Elena who got to watch over Rose dying was more concerned with Damon than Rose but again her behavior totally justified that lack of feeling from everyone IMHO).
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