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Pet peeves - A Rant.

One of my biggest fan fiction pet peeves is Canon!Seductive!Anakin/Canon!Innocent!Padme stories. You know the kind - the stories where all of Anakin's actions in AotC where the careful machinations of a lusty, skilled seductor bent on breaking down the vulnerable walls of an innocent, trusting, defenceless, virginal Padme. Gag me with a spoon, someone? If it were an AU fic with this Anakin as a 19-yr old Vader, I *could* buy it... But the idea that all the while in AotC, Anakin was really some Don Juan character and all the A/P missing scenes were filled with episodes of his hand finding its way up an unwilling Padme's skirt .... ?!£$!$&

The most common example of such a fic is usually the meadow scene. After the whole tumbling together on the grass, the fic writer usually takes the 'missing moment' that follows into the arena of lust, groping, careful seduction on Anakin's part, and eventually, apologies, and renewed resolve on Padme's part, and determination on Anakin's part. What gives? That was one of the best A/P scenes in the movie. I loved the childishness of them tumbling in the grass, the innocence, the pure joy. So maybe there was some heat later on, and probably Padme felt more than Anakin's lightsabre after sitting on him for a while. (Doesn't the scene continue in the novel, with them standing up awkwardly before getting on the shaak?) But it didn't degenerate into a Victorian romance novel!!!

I mean, if any of our beloved couple had lost his/her chastity between TPM and AotC, odds are that it was the woman: she's older, more exposed - politics doesn't seem to have any better a reputation in the GFFA than it does here, we know she's had a boyfriend so automatically she's more experienced. She has a wardrobe of seductive outfits - I don't think she took a little time out while hiding out in Naboo to go shopping for that leather outfit. [snark]Yep, she's got virginal written all over her. [/snark]. Anakin's a 19-yr-old kid who has spent the last decade of his life cloistered in the Jedi Temple and in love with the same woman. He falls over his own feet when he meets her. 'Far more beautiful... for a senator.' [snark]Yeah, lots of experience there. It's so obvious. How could we have missed it? [/snark]

I mean, I understand the appeal - but after a while it gets old.
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