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FAN-GIRLS: Gosh, there are no lady-centric shows, books, movies, etc. Ladies only ever get to be the girlfriend or the mostly dead mother or the villain's girlfriend or the villain's mostly dead mother. This is an outrage and we must protest it!

ME: Too true. But there are some great lady-centric shows like Nikita and Revenge. They are not perfect but they are very lady-centric.

FAN-GIRL #1: Yeah, I've heard of those. Tried half an episode. It wasn't really my thing.

FAN-GIRL #2: Oh, I'll get round to watching it. I have a lot of other shows and books to read right now.

FAN-GIRL #3: Sure, I've watched a few episodes and it's OK. I just don't have much to say about it. (Unlike the #430918301th bromantic show that you see me blogging and writing fic about twice a day, every day except last Sundays).

ME: ....

FAN-GIRLS: Oh noes, Nikita is up for cancellation. They never give lady-centric shows a chance!

ME: ....

FAN-GIRLS: LEIA, why is there a dent in the shape of a palm on your face?
Tags: tv: nikita, tv: revenge, we've got a long way to go

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