moonspinner (moonspinner) wrote,

Just finished watching Breaking Dawn 2

Otherwise known as the best movie of the year.

Please can someone make me a GIF of Bella [Spoiler (click to open)]ripping off Aro's head with her bare hands? Thanks muchly!

Nope, not a Twilight fan though I have a "pet the underdog" kind of soft spot for the franchise. But a fantastic movie is a fantastic movie. And in the first 15 minutes of this film, you get to watch Bella Swan take down a mountain lion with her bare hands and it only gets better. After weeks of waiting for Elena Gilbert to get permission from her [Spoiler (click to open)]sire/ boyfriend to have a drink, you betcha that I needed to see one newbie female vamp/protagonist kick ass.
Tags: movies: twilight, tv: the vampire diaries

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