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Through a Mirror Darkly (SW fanfic. AU. Vader. Padme. Obi-Wan) - Chapter 3

3. Penance

5 Years Ago

Her hands were shaking as she tried to slip her key card through the slot. After a few fumbled attempts, she finally dropped it.

Sabé glared blearily at the floor. There were three cards by her feet and she wasn't sure which was hers. She bent down to pick one, almost falling over her knees in the process, and her hand scraped the dirty floor.

She groaned and the door slid open. She would have fallen in if strong but gentle hands hadn't grabbed her.

"Oh Sabé," murmured the kind, but disapproving voice of her roommate, Padmé.

"Oh, Padmé," Sabé mimicked in a singsong voice as Padmé led her to their bunk. "You said you were coming out tonight..." she slurred accusingly to Padmé's head where it was bent over Sable’s feet.

Padmé didn't look up from her struggles with Sable’s cloth slippers. "I did, then I came back, unlike you." She grunted. "How do you walk in these things anyway?" She yanked off one slipper.

"Ow!" yelled Sabé.


"You should be," Sabé said, her voice slurring again. "You missed the best ball. Oh the men!" and she fanned herself, remembering Jango.

Padmé managed to get off the second slipper with less effort. She looked up at her best friend, acutely unimpressed. "Imperial officers are not my style, Sabé."

"Oh not just Imperial officers!" Sabé cried. "There were some others... outlanders..."

"Really?" asked Padmé, getting to her feet. "Did you meet anyone special?" she added, sarcastically. Her roommate fell in love every other week, and Leaving Nights.

Sabé fell back on the bed with a sigh. "I met Him." She said. Him. The one that she had been made for.


She sighed again.

"That sounds nice," Padmé’s voice said above her head, Padmé still sounding extremely impressed.

Sabé didn't blame her. Jango had to be seen to be believed. Not bothering to undress, she snuggled into the bed, content to daydream about him since her roommate clearly was not in the mood for gossip.

Padmé carefully tucked the bedclothes around her. The lower bunk was Padmé’s actually, but it would not be the first time she had had to sleep on the top. "Good night, Sabé."

Sabé was already asleep, dreaming of Jango's kisses.



Sabé Jankerrie jerked out of her sleep gasping violently. Her hand waved for the automatic lights and she knocked down the water glass by her bedside. It shattered with the sound of tiny cymbals.

"What? Sabé?" her husband said, sleepily beside her.

"Nothing," she whispered quickly. "Go back to sleep."

She waited until she heard his snores again. She didn't have to wait long. Then she slipped out the bed and walked quickly to her study in the next room.

After making sure that the study was completely empty of humans and droids, the opened the secret safe that was hidden behind her father's portrait. She snatched out a small device from inside the cupboard and quickly shut it back. Then she stared at the datapad in her hand as if she could will away its contents.

...I know I can count on you. Fett.

He had found her. And he would destroy her unless... she destroyed her best friend.

Sabé looked at the study, the plush furnishings, state of the art architecture that had been in her family for generations. Looked at her father's portrait, her husband's, the holo of her children on the desk. Looked at the datapad that was branding her palm.

Did she really have a choice?

Tears slid down her cheeks as she started typing her reply.

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