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Through a Mirror Darkly (SW fanfic. AU. Vader. Padme. Obi-Wan) - Chapter 7

Chapter 7. Capture


A few days ago...


It had taken three Hands to hold off the Jedi and in ten minutes, he would have destroyed them all.

“Most sincere apologies…” Just in time, he dodged being impaled by Olin’s sabre. “I had no idea I’d overstayed my welcome,” he panted as he Force-blocked Thel-Tanis’ vibro-blade.

“Says who, Jedi?” snarled Olin and his sabre clashed with Kenobi’s and locked. For a few seconds, the two men were eyeball to eyeball. Kenobi’s blues stared into Olin’s greys and saw madness. “We just started this dance.”

The Jedi threw out his leg and tripped Olin who went down sprawling. Pressing the advantage, Kenobi used his lightsabre to stab at the man on the floor. Olin moved at the last minute and the blade missed his chest and buried itself in his shoulder.

Olin screamed, crumpling into a foetal position. “Stop him!”

His cry enraged the other Hands and they came at Kenobi at once. He made short work of them. Veld’s lightsabre went spinning into the alley from a carefully aimed Force pull. Seconds later, he followed his weapon, collapsed into an awkward looking heap.

“Fools!” Olin shouted.

“Pardon me,” Kenobi panted, already turning and sprinting. “But I don’t like dancing.”

Thel-Tanis threw another vibro-blade. This time Kenobi caught it and threw it back almost immediately.

Time seemed to slow. Her eyes were two points of enraged fear in the darkness as they stared at the weapon that was spinning inexorably towards them.

Kenobi was turning, making his escape: his hands and feet finding easy purchase on the slick, high walls of the narrow alley; adrenaline and the Force scaling him up as easily as any one of the lower level creatures. 

Below the Jedi, Olin’s bellow, Veld’s whimpers and Thel-Thanis’ silence seemed strangely drawn out and long, like if they were coming from under water. Then Kenobi’s sense of alertness spiked and still clinging to the wall, he looked over his shoulder.

The singular motion saved his life. The blade – Thel-Tanis’ blade – that had been aiming for the point at his back where his chest rested, buried itself into his shoulder instead.

With a scream, the Jedi fell from the wall, crumpled on the floor in a heap.

“A real Jedi. How exciting.”

How could he have missed that aura? Kenobi thought, through a haze of pain as he yanked the blade out of his shoulder with a shaking hand. It was like a blanket knitted with blood and gore, a thick oppression of the Dark side of the Force and it radiated from the man that stood above him, cloaked entirely in darkness.

The Hands seemed to blur into the background. Vaguely, the Jedi sensed that the girl was uninjured, the mad one was furious and the male humanoid was unconscious. But only vaguely. All his senses were not focused on this creature before him - a creature that he instinctively knew would not be so easily defeated.

“A real Sith. How flattering,” Kenobi gasped as he struggled to his feet, trying and failing to stare down someone that stood well above him.

The Sith barked – probably his version of laughter – and did something strange: He took a few steps back and like a living thing, the red blade of his sabre sprouted out from his hand.

“On guard, Jedi.”

Despite himself, Kenobi laughed. “You must be joking.”

“Humour me,” said the humourless voice.

“And if I don’t?”

His mind registered the pain before his eyes caught the motion of the striking blade. The Sith was back to standing motionlessly and Kenobi struggled not to crumple back to the ground. He looked down and confirmed that yes, the Sith had struck his thigh. And he, Kenobi, had barely seen the move.

“On guard,” the voice repeated with deadly softness.

For the first time since the Hands had found him in the catina and chased him down the alley, the Kenobi felt real fear. Shaking as he struggled for balance on his injured thigh, he raised his sabre in front of him.

“Well, I always try to save the last dance for someone special,” Kenobi said by way of explanation. Then he charged at the Sith. .

Almost lazily, the Sith sidestepped the charge, just lifting his blade at the last moment. Kenobi stumbled to a halt. He felt the blood soak into his robes. His chest was on fire. .

“This is where the fun begins.”


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