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Women diss women a.k.a. Pink's 'Stupid Girl'

Am I the only one who's completely disgusted, outraged and disturbed by the whole concept of Pink's latest smash hit? You don't need to be a genius to know which female celebrities she's dissing in her latest gross-out video. Whatever happened to live and let live? Just because a girl is more into clothes and big blonde hair than leather, power bikes, and anger management doesn't make her any more or less of a human being. It's not exactly as if Pink has a double Ph.D. and has found the cure for Bird Flu. Everybody carries their own baggage. Adding to another person's is not going to lessen your own.

Maybe I'm not very observant, but I don't think I've heard a song where the blonde bimbos go on about how pathetic grown-up 'I'm cool 'cos I'm wild' tomboys behave. And I certainly don't think I've heard a song where a certain kind of man diss on another type of man. Come to think of it, after high school, there are hardly any 'types' of men. But we women seem to thrive on putting ourselves in little stereotpye boxes and then trying to topple them over.

Why are women like that? Is it the double X chromosome that makes us so repulsive to each other while the X and Y combo in men make them more amiable?
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