July 7th, 2006

sw: dark padmé

Demon (Dark Padmé bio)

This is my entry for the Dark Padmé Challenge I'm organizing for the Padmé Discussion/Challenge thread at TFN.  I just realized that I've never actually done any of my challenges so I started scribbling something down for this.  I have a vague idea of what it is.  A bio of Padmé, a young girl whose family was killed when she was a baby, and was brought up by Palpatine the Evil to be his greatest bait for the Chosen One. Gosh, I love my evil ideas!  Anyway, I started scribbling and here's a little of what it'll look like.  I think I'll try and finish it up on lj before posting on the boards.

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On the subject of writing, I'd better just organize all my w-i-ps again.

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