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a.k.a. Why What Makes Book 5 Good Ultimately Condemns It

I started replying vanimy here and LJ told me that my reply was too rantish long for one comment. Apparently, I do have time to write one Harry Potter meta after all.

So this was vanimy’s statement:
Admittedly I loved Book 5 so can't agree with you on that one, if only because it made me sob at the end and because I loved Harry in this one, and of course Hermione.
which was in response to my earlier comment that Book 4 was the last good Harry Potter book. In the process of typing out a response, I started thinking about why exactly Book 5 at the time of its publication was a good book, and now in retrospect became the first of the bad trilogy that ended the series. Hence this meta.

It is long. Bathroom breaks are not optional.

The bad but not the deal-breakersCollapse )
It was the darker tale that really wasn’tCollapse )
They told us the world isn’t divided into good people and Death Eaters.Collapse )
Harry Voldemort, Hermione Umbridge & the two faces of Godric’s heirsCollapse )
Slytherins, Marauders and what really makes the bad guys the bad guys anyway?Collapse )
Promises, promisesCollapse )
Summary - they told us the world isn’t divided into good people and Death Eaters. They lied. Collapse )

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