May 7th, 2009

jumper: darth moeder

Re-watching Jumper, TF updated

I recorded the movie when it was aired last month and on rewatching it, I've spotted a lot of incredible meta detail that completely went over my head during that first, lone viewing at the cinema. For example, that scene at the end where Luke Skywalker David confronts Darth Vader his mother and finds out about his secret sister Leia Organa just gives me goosebumps. :D It’s clearly meant to sell the sequels and I know that, as a member of the audience, I’m being manipulated but … wow.

So I want to read Jumper fic. I want to write Jumper fic! Does anyone know where I can find fic about David’s mother?

Talking about fics, Thwarted Fate has been updated!