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Been bitten by a new plot bunny.  An AU - of course ;)

- where Naboo never won the Battle in TPM.  It's the time period of AotC and the Clone Wars are about to start.   There's a renegade Queen Amidala - Padme is very much a battle-scared warrior Queen in this story - leading a small resistance in the planet.  Politics and intrigue abound.  And when all hope is lost, help comes to Amidala and her merry band of followers in the shape and form of a dashing young hero called Skywalker.  

But anyone who knows how I write, knows that it's not that simple. 

It has the potential to be a story but I could easily make it a wicked-ending vignette.  I am definitely not going to post anything I write of it anywhere.  That's a recipe for disaster if anything ever was.  I'm fast realizing that it's not too good idea to immerse oneself in more than one great 'verse of a story.  They tend to bleed into each other.

Btw - reading the description I gave above, does anyone have any title for the story? 

Would anyone want to write it with me? ;)
Tags: fanfic: plot bunny

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