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Of Writing pt 2 & Wisteria Lane

Another bunny.  Started writing it last night and it broke my writer's block for Thwarted Fate! Yah!  

Don’t you just love it when bunnies feed off each other? Anyway this could have been an entry to the Padmé AU challenge I organized at TFN. Padmé as ‘Housewife’.
In fact, I feel like doing a little teaser:
Meet Padmé Lago, beautiful wife of Ian Lago and loving mother of their children Winama and Ian Jnr (or nick-named Two). In the little village where they live, her small family is the envy and treasure of the community and she is admired and respected for her charm and grace, her excellent cooking and her warm hospitality.  

(There's something very Desperate Houswife-ish in tone of it, isn't there?  ;)  A little Bree Van D.  but without the volatile family situation.  The kids are too young to resent her perfection and her husband, not only genuinely appreciates it, but doesn't have any ... 'tendencies'. :p )

But that's not a story.  That's a situation.  The story, itself, is far more interesting... :p

Talking about Desperate Housewives... I love the show.  I've never missed an episode since the pilot aired in my country.  I'm particularly loving Gabrielle right now (S2) especially since she was my least favourite Housewife in S1.  And I totally ship Zach/Julie 

I think I'm going to write this one.  Yep. I'm definitely going to write this one.  *g*  But I'll be sensible and finish it before I post it on TFN so I won't leave even more readers in the lurch.  I really don't like doing that. :( 

Question - does anyone have a name for a title?
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