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Keira and Spidey

Keira Knightley's pix at the Pirates premier is all over the front page of the British news today.  I'm not one for much of showbiz ... anything, but I really like that girl.  She's as flat as a frying pan - and she totally flaunts it.  It's adorable.  In this day and age of cosmetic enhancement, Dr. 90210, liposuction, breast implants, breast lifts, saline implants, etc,  it's refreshing to see someone who not only accepts her body, but is totally proud of it.  *raises glass* Here's to you KK for being drop-dead, smoking hot! beautiful just the way you are.

On related news, I finally watched the Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer.  I have one word - Awesome!  I can feel the fandom craze coming on....
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