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Demon (Dark Padmé bio)

This is my entry for the Dark Padmé Challenge I'm organizing for the Padmé Discussion/Challenge thread at TFN.  I just realized that I've never actually done any of my challenges so I started scribbling something down for this.  I have a vague idea of what it is.  A bio of Padmé, a young girl whose family was killed when she was a baby, and was brought up by Palpatine the Evil to be his greatest bait for the Chosen One. Gosh, I love my evil ideas!  Anyway, I started scribbling and here's a little of what it'll look like.  I think I'll try and finish it up on lj before posting on the boards.

Demon - Dark Padmé Challenge response. 
Part 1/? Prologue?)
3 months
The small family huddled into each other for protection. The father and the grandparents standing in a protective circle around the mother, the baby and the little girl.
They oozed fear and desperation and Sidious smiled at the hopelessness of their defiance.
“Kill the spares.”
Like sprays of flying blood, the Red Gaurds descended on them. A blur of violence and it was over.
The little baby lay in the still warm, still flexible arms of her mother, bawling.
“Bring it.”
She was presented to her new “father”. He smiled benevolently at her and the tears dried with atavistic fear.
Part 2/?
3 years
“Xito. Ya. Zoba.” 
“It’s ‘Yi’ Padme, not ‘Ya’.”
“Yi. Sorri.”
“Xito. Yi. Ziba.”
“Zoba. You just said it properly!”
“Still struggling with the alphabet?” Palpatine asked genially from where he had suddenly materialized in the shadowed corner of the makeshift classroom. 
Matol Jankerrie started. Governor Palpatine was one of the most highly respected men on Naboo – and he gave his ward’s governess the creeps. 
But the unfounded alarm Matol felt was nothing compared to the reaction of her ward. Her own unease disappeared at once when her gaze rested on Padmé.
The little girl’s dark eyes, already larger and sadder than any child’s Matol knew, were frozen with silent horror at her Guardian. Padmé’s small lips, usually curved in a downward bow, had pressed together so tightly that the skin above her upper lips was white. With a cold shiver of fear, Matol realized that the girl was screaming in her mind. 
“Miss Jankerrie?” Palpatine prompted.  
Matol tore her eyes from her pupil’s face. “W-we’re making progress, Sir. In fact we were about to take a break.”
Palpatine smiled at her. “Of course, you were. Indulge an old man and

On the subject of writing, I'd better just organize all my w-i-ps again.

1, Thwarted Fate, Book of Descent II

2, Kaleidoscope

3, Demon. Dark Padmé short story

4, Sweet Poison.  Anakin Skywalker challenge - AU! Anakin.  (I got Anakin as an ice-cream taster.  What luck.  At least that was what I felt until I realized I could put a unique spin on things. :p

5, What Lies Beneath.  Padmé as a housewife. ;)

6, Untitled post-RotJ AU.

7, Tangled Fate.  (post-TPM. Canon).

8, Of Like Mind. Docasta collection - I'll use the 100 drabbles challenge on TFN as a guideline.   Probably take forever to do this.

9, Obi-Wan biography - I've been wanting to do this since forever.  It'll be my response to the 100 drabbles.

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