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The O.C. Season 3 Finale - moonspinner
The O.C. Season 3 Finale
Marissa Cooper dies.  Thank God I wasn't spoiled for that one.  That was a shock.  But not as big a shock as the fact that there's going to be a Season 4?  Confused.  I thought that they killed of Marissa because they were ending the show.  What was the point of offing her when she and Ben were the OTP (whatever that means :p) of the whole Show.  Or was it a Mischa Barton thing?  

Still confused.  I know the show gets a lot of well-deserved flak but I still found it entertaining. I hope things won't go too bad with this new change.  I wonder how they'll cover all the remaining presumably major characters (Ryan, Seth, Summer) now that they're scattered between Berkeley and Brown.  I hope that brunette Jimmy's cousin that Ryan hooked up with comes back into the picture.  I really, really liked her.  And they'd better not break up or kill either Seth or Summer. 


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