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To Do List - moonspinner
To Do List

You would think after my writer's block rant that the bunnies would stop but no... they just keep mutating.  Anyway, I've outlined the plot of my Dark Padme tale.  It's taken a different direction from Demon which I've now utterly abandoned... for now. :p It's like an AU of this other bunny, which I may still do as a vignette.  The working title is Bargain, which is very appropriate, if I say so myself. :D

I dropped off from the Anakin roulette challenge, which has reduced my wip/bunny list from 9 to 8.  Thank the stars!  The challenge I was given was too ridiculous to write gracefully.     For the  next 2 weeks, I'm going to concentrate my efforts on 6 jobs:


  1. Completing my part of the next Thwarted Fate chapter and getting it ready for reihla before the 30th July.   
  2. Writing the first chapter Bargain. Due on 2nd Aug. There're 6 chapters. If I write 2 every week, it should be completed before the end of August.  I am not posting it until it is.  (::knock on wood::)
  3. Re-writing my scenes for Artificial Wings, due on the 31st.
  4. Writing the next 3 chapters of Kaleidoscope.  Due on 5th August.
  5. Writing the 2nd & 3rd chapters of Bargain.  Due on 6th August.
  6. Writing my Obi-Wan bio drabbles at tfn.

Now all I need is an Annie Wilkes type muse to keep me in line.  Anyone willing to help? 


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