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Star Wars Fan Fic (Bail/Obi-Wan, Padmé mentioned) - moonspinner
Star Wars Fan Fic (Bail/Obi-Wan, Padmé mentioned)

Title: Stressful Times
Timeframe: Episode III AU
Characters: You'll see... :p
Genre: Genfic
Summary: A Jedi and a Senator discuss a mutual friend.
Disclaimer: Goes without saying. Lucasfilm owns all the rights to Star Wars. I don’t. No infringement is intended or profit to be made by me.
A/N: AU now that RotS seems to be going in another direction so you can bet your oil field that this is spoiler-free!

"A favour to an ally and a comrade. Now is the time for those of us who know the truth and wish for justice to stand united and unafraid."
"You know what you are asking of me?"

The expression on the Jedi's face did not change. He merely studied the other man with dispassion.

"If I were a private individual, you know I would do this without a moment's hesitation. But."

The Senator stood abruptly from the small bench and walked away towards the lake. Emotions churned within his heart; conflicting decisions that were not his to make in the first place swirled in his mind.

"I am the Viceroy of Aldereaan. And its representative in the Imperial Senate. I cannot act against the interest of my people. And what you are asking of me - to harbour a notorious fugitive, wanted by both the Emperor himself and Lord Darth Vader cannot be reconciled with my mandate."

"But your mandate can reconcile you to abandoning a friend and ally in a time of greatest need?"

Bail clenched his fists hard. If not, he might have rounded on the Jedi and punched him. "You are asking me to put an entire world in danger for the sake of a criminal."

"She is no more criminal than you or I and you know that."

"According to the edict of the Emperor, the Imperial Senate and the Imperial Army, she is one. If I house her in Alderean, I will be asking for the same fate that was visited on Naboo to be visited on my world. I am sorry, Kenobi but there is no way you can justify that."

"You are assuming that she would be found. That you would be betrayed."

"She was found in Naboo. She was betrayed in her own world."

There was silence at that.


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