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Mischief and Updates


I just changed my username at  I wonder how long it'll take people to catch on.. if at all.

Why did I do a thing like that?  <devilish grin> Because I can! :p 

Talking about, I just updated Kaleidoscope at fan  I'm not sure whether I'll ever get round to updating it at padmeanakin community though.  Perhaps I'll pull down the former chapters, and just direct everyone to the link at

Meanwhile, I posted what I wrote that day (winks at bobilll) over at TFN for the "Dark Padme" challenge.  It barely meets the 'evil' qualifier - because Padme's actions in this story are morally ambigous. I changed the title to 'Honourable Death' - which I don't like, but is appropriate.  I'm thinking of writing another one, based on some terrific discussions at WQGL on the nature of evil and Padme...

I've also updated the Obi-Wan Drabble thread.  This time I tried the 1st PoV with insights from his childhood and early training days...


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