moonspinner (moonspinner) wrote,

Sometimes the muse is generous...

To cheer myself up for not going home this weekend, I quickly wrote the continuation of my Dark Padme story, Honourable Death.  I named it appropriately, Beware of Gungans bearing gifts.... :p I didn't wait to send it to a beta - which probably explains why the pickings have been terribly slim. :( ;) 

So I caved in and posted an unfinished story again. :p But I was a little bit clever about it this time - it's not an unfinished story - just a series of vignettes. And honestly, you could read one without needing to read the other.  I'm going to keep telling the story that way.  It'll give me a lot of freedom to jump back and forth in time and place, without being too bogged down with stylic continuity.  I can even switch PoVs and styles as I like. Cool! :p
Tags: story update

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