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The satisfaction of a job well done, Agatha Christie & other stories

Old news, since it happened on Friday but I finally got off that project that had been burning a hole into my office desk for the past 3 months. I feel so much freerer and happier now.  Perhaps I may even get into the mood to continue one of my longer stories. Perhaps. :D
Oh and I went home this weekend. Did I fail to mention that? *blushes*  That’s how I fell into my old Agatha Christie library. Not that it’s much of a collection – ‘Secret of the Chimneys’ and ‘One, Two, Buckle My Shoe’ being the current content, although I’m sure I have a few hiding under a bed somewhere. I definitely remember owning the American edition of ‘And then there were none.’  I was reading it up on Wikipedia (don’t you just love the Internet!), and I found out that the stage version of the book (written by Christie herself, by the way) and all the movie versions always had a more optimistic ending than the book.
i.e. Vera and Phillip don’t do the murder/suicide thing at the end.  Instead, they solve the mystery, escape somehow from the Hanging Judge and hook up. 
When I read that I went, “Mmm…” I’m torn about it. In the book, I wanted them to get together, but I knew that won’t happen unless they were somehow innocent of their crimes – Agatha Christie has a rather unforgiving stance on wilful murder – which they weren’t. And there’s something very picture perfect about the ending of the story – the deserted Island, filled with dead bodies, and finally, the epilogue – the murderer’s confession put in a bottle and cast adrift to be found … or not.
I guess Im a lot more jaded at 26 than I was at 16 when I read it, cos I don't like the romanticized version one little bit. :p
Reading Christie again really got me in the mood to write a ripping good mystery – something I’ve always wanted to do since I was a very small child. I’m going to try and mix my three loves – mysteries, star wars fan fiction and Padmé into a story. *shudders* Yes, another bunny is born!
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