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Good news for the characters of Kaleidoscope

I am in the mood of continuing the story soon.  I may even scribble a few things down this night.  I've been stuck in a rut for a while now, and not just because of Real life and Writer's Block.  I was in the unique position of knowing how the story would end, and not knowing how to get there.  But I've finally realized where next we needed to go in the story.   The next Act, so to speak.  Up until now, we've been very much in Act 1 - Padme, Vader and Obi-Wan on Yavin; Padme and Vader on Coruscant; and Padme and (soon-to-be) Anakin on Tatooine.  Now the settings are about to change.  Dynamics will soon start shifting.

It just occured to me how fond I am of this story.  It's not like if I don't normally, but with Kaleidoscope (and Through A Mirror Darkly before it), I'm totally writing what I want to write and how I want to write it.  It's crazy and eccentric, and a lot of readers keep complaining about how hard to understand it is.  That's great!  It's not like if I'm making it purposely difficult but... in many ways, I am telling myself a story.  Not telling them a story I've already written in my head, but actually telling myself a story as I write.  So there's no real 'plan', just a cause and effect sequence of events.  It's exciting, in a way that I don't always get when I write long stories because there's always a lot of planning and restructuring and by the time, I get down to the actual writing, there's a little 'zing' factor that's off.  But Kaleidoscope is a like a long vignette and I'm not always very sure whether the next chapter will  come out the way I started off expecting it to be.  In a sense, it's like a reading a book.  Only I'm writing it...
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