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I think my problem is that I have just too many plot bunnies and when I want to write, I can’t decide on which one so I end up not writing anything at all.

I had planned to use the scant spare hours of my trip to firm up the next chapters in TF or Kaleidoscope, my ‘active’ stories, but instead, I found myself drafting the back story of my formerly Untitled RotJ-AU short story… For what it’s worth though, it turned out to be a fascinating back story (if I do say so myself :p) and the story itself seems quite gorgeous.

What I won’t do to be able to get someone to write my plot bunnies for free!!!

I also ‘borrowed’ a title from Buffy which is, in a nutshell, excellent for this particular story: ‘Conversations With Dead People’.

*rubs hands together with glee*

Yeah, I’ll probably never write it but it was fun just thinking about it. :D

Although making these lists tend to depress me somewhat… I will write out all the wips that have been rattling in my head:
SW Fan fiction
  1. Thwarted Fate (co-written with Reihla)
  2. Kaleidoscope Cradle to Grave
  3. Artificial Wings (co-written with Merry B Mallory)
  4. Of Like Mind (Crouching Tiger; Hidden Dragon)
  5. Living A Lie
  6. The Bargain Warrior Queen
  7. What Lies Beneath (changed the premise a lot)
  8. Conversations With Dead People
  9. Tangled Fate (co-written with Mr Black!)
  10. The Tragedy of Darth Plageius the Wise Seed of Darkness a.k.a. Genesis a.k.a. untitled PT-spanning story
    Finding Pandæmonium
  11. Phoenix Rising a.k.a. The Legend of Starkiller 
  12. Refugee (2 Parts)
  13. Untitled AU Mara/Luke Story (The Seduction of Luke Skywalker)
  14. Untitled inter-trilogy Mara Jade story
Non-SW fan fiction
    My story for the Sci-Fi writing contest
    My Desperate Housewives-influenced romance/mystery thriller – my target for Nano
  1. The Warrior Queen
15 wips and bunnies. Not bad at all. *g*
Write yourselves already! Lol.
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