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Reunion and Alias

I watched the Pilot for ‘Reunion’ the (not-so-but-where-I-live) new TV show. It looks pretty interesting. I still remember 4/6 of their names, 2 days after viewing which is something of a record: Will, Sam(antha), Jenna… OK. 3 out of 6, but that’s not so bad. I have a fairly good guess of the other names – Claudia or Clara; then Erin (or sounds like it), then … and this is the one that’s really frustrating because I thought I remembered his name… the rich kid whose name starts with C.
Well basically it’s like 24 but instead of 24 hours, it’s 20 years. It follows an apparently close-knit group of 6 high school friends who come together 20 years after graduation for a funeral. One of them was murdered (most likely by another one of them). The Pilot is interesting because apart from Claudia (or Clara) who was interviewed by the police and narrated what happened the summer after graduation, we don’t really know who’s still alive… hence we don’t know who was actually murdered.
OK, I’ll check ABC and get the names right.
This is the picture I got from Wikipedia. (Don’t worry I didn’t peep at the spoilers).
From bottom centre going clockwise: Carla (close!), Aaron (well it sounded like Erin. :p), Samantha (yah!), Craig (I knew it!), Will and Jenna.
The plot that truly hooked me in the pilot was the Sam/Craig/Will plot. Craig is rich, Will is poor and they are best friends in love with the same girl, Sam who is Craig’s girlfriend. Craig and Sam have a fight, Sam and Will sleep together and Sam falls pregnant. Craig and Will go to a party, Craig is DUI, there’s an accident, and Will (who’s near-sober) decides to take the rap for this friend, partly because: a, Will has a better chance of getting off lightly since he wasn’t drunk; b, Craig is a spoilt rich kid who’s used to being bailed out; and c, Will is guilty about sleeping with his best friend’s girl.
Well as I guessed once I saw the plot developing, Will doesn’t get off lightly but a stern judge gives him 12 months incarceration. Sam doesn’t abort the pregnancy even though it meant ‘changing her dreams’. Oh, and Craig doesn’t know about the affair or the fact that the girl he proposed to is pregnant with his best friend’s baby.
There’s another love triangle with Aaron/Jenna/Carla but it’s not half as interesting, although it is interesting.
I’m finding myself in the unique position of liking all the characters equally. Probably that will change, but it’s nice to start a TV series from the beginning with such a positive feeling.
I watched Alias 5. 13 last night. As the number goes (13), it was pretty grim. There were two deaths by neck slashes: one was a murder of Renee by Sydney Espanosa (you gotta watch it to believe it); the other was the … death of Nadia.
Nadia’s death was really intriguing. There was a sense of the inescapability of fate of it all. She had been in a coma for at roughly a year (since just before Sydney’s pregnancy, up until after it) after being poisoned by Rambaldi endgame water and shot by her father. Strangely enough it was her father’s obsession with Rambaldi that caused her death.
There were rather too many coincidences for my liking: 
Coincidence #1: Nadia just had to carry the hospital tag on her wrist all the way from Sydney’s house to her stakeout with Jack, and finally to her father’s house before she thought of finding a pair of scissors to slice it off, and in the process stumbling unto the original Page 47. Why didn’t she just snip it off with any spare Swiss army knife you know a spy like her would carry around?   
Coincidence #2: Sloane, the wily, crafty, thorough Reformed Bad-ass Spy, who went through all the trouble to fake a whole warehouse full of evidence of his mythical back channel medical research in order to throw the other agents (and his daughter most of all) off the scent that he was ever involved with Prophet 5 and Rambaldi, brings out the original Page 47 he’s been hiding for the past 7 years, and leaves it lying around on his desk for his daughter – the last person he would ever want to know about this – to find?
Colour me skeptical. 
But it was still a fascinating episode. I loved the irony of the two deaths: Nadia as explained, and Renee who was killed by ‘Sydney’ scant minutes after telling Sydney she was the only one that she (Renee) trusted. I loved seeing Sydney in matronly pink. 
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