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Kaleidoscope news - the good, the bad and the ugly

The good news is that I kept the promise I made to myself and completed 2 chapters of Kaleidoscope before the end of Monday. The bad news is that one of the chapters is so short that if only there had been a thematic connection, it could easily have been part of the longer chapter. So I'll now have to compensate for 'shortie' by writing another chapter before the end of the week. And finally, the ugly news is that I'll probably do that just before the end of the week 'cos I really need to work on other things (thwartedfate, thwartedfate, thwartedfate).

Other updates: I upped some more of Living A Lie, the second half of chapter 4... On other fronts, I might end up shoving my Original Story for next year and just write the SciFi/Fantasy challenge at the JC. For NaNo, I'll just try and write my novella length plot bunnies. Phoenix Rising and What Lies Beneath got some pretty high marks... *thinking*

I've been thinking about making Warrior Queen an original story... It was an idea that was first suggested to me by r0ck3tsci3ntist, and has been growing ever since...

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