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Review with cookie

I watched Reunion last night.

Will became a priest, sometime between the present and when he got out of jail and robbed Craig. Sam gave up her baby then lost the ability to have more children. Aaron and Jenna split (in his mind, in hers they were never going out) and Carla is still pining over Aaron.

There was a running theme about a gun in the show, and I’m very disappointed that no one was actually killed in that particular episode. Too early to conclude but my hype-metre is running low…

Anyway, thinking of the next chapter in Kaleidoscope that I am not writing until Friday, dammit! It’s an idea I got from r0ck3tsci3ntist ’s Doppelgänger (you haven’t read it… you have my sympathies :p ) and the screenwriter’s audio commentary of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean I’. The next chapter, an Inferno chapter, will be the last chapter of the first Act of Kaleidoscope. Like I said a while back, the venues are about to shift, the goals are about to be redefined.

Anyway, enough rambling! Still waiting to here from my beta, so to tide us by, here’s a cookie from the next chapter:

“What have you decided about Vader?”
“Nothing.” At her look of skepticism, he repeated it. “Nothing, Padmé. Believe me.”
“Nothing except to keep me away from him.”
“To keep him away from you,” he corrected sternly.
“And you think you can hold him without my help?”
“Let us worry about that,” Obi-Wan retorted. “Don’t forget your duties are to us, not to the Sith.”
Irritation flared within her. “I choose whom I serve, Grandmaster.”
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