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Reunion 1.3

Reunion 1.3
Will – Fast becoming my favorite. I have a soft spot for priests with checkered pasts. I loved his wheeling and dealing with Craig’s dad, and talking about Craig’s dad, he really impressed me in this episode. Sure, he was a slimy businessman with little or no scruples, but I believe he had genuine affection for Will, saw him as the son he wished Craig was. Will’s final scene with Sam was intense. I cheered for him because I genuinely believe that Sam did not – and probably had never – felt for him as he did for her. I still question Will’s feelings for Sam. I wonder how much they are based on real love, and how much they are based on wanting what Craig has. His final statement about ‘going to prison for her and only now [that he’s over her] being free’ were just great lines.

Sam – The change of heart over her child was cliché. My biggest problem was that I could not see how she planned on fitting a child into her lifestyle as a hard-working pre-med student. The reasons why she had given up the child had not changed in anyway to justify the change of heart. I always thought she would end up with Craig and then later on use his money to get the child back.

Craig – Well, he was barely there – – two short intense scenes with Will and Sam and that was it. Still he was very present, particularly in all the scenes between Will and Craig’s father and Will and Sam. Will’s statement that ‘Craig always gets what Craig wants’ saddened me because though I still firmly believe that there’s more to Craig than that, I can see his friendship with Will degenerating and I had had hopes for that.
Jenna – I have to confess, I’m not very interested in Jenna at the moment. I do hope she goes on to have a terrific career as an actress – and never see her mother again.

Clare – Still pining for Aaron. Fast becoming the most boring character in the cast.

Aaron – He’s clearly over Jenna… but not too badly burnt to stop him from asking out the hot waitress at the bar. He’s dropped out of school and from the flash-forward at the end, went on to become a (Hollywood?) bleached-blond business mogul. And I think he and Clare became a couple in the end. Mmmm… He could have done better for himself. *g*
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